An Attorney Reflects on the Life and Death of His Labradors

By External Source / March 24, 2016

THE LEGACY OF BEEZER AND BOOMER: Lessons on Living and Dying “What a fabulous, heartfelt and enjoyable read (assuming you don’t mind some crying). Doug adeptly describes his transition from skillful attorney, who takes pride in controlling the world around him, to a soul-searching student who, under the tutelage of his beloved four-legged mentors, strives […]

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Lessons on Living and Dying from My Canine Brothers

By External Source / February 13, 2016

The pet doctor: Our animals can be teachers, too By Christie Long • The pet doctor • October 7, 2010 I have a colleague who reminds me often, as I’m tearing my hair out over a particularly difficult diagnosis or agonizing about how to treat a critically ill patient, that animals are our teachers. As […]

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