Renee Magri

Losing a pet can be a difficult thing to go through as often our animals are our very best friends. Here at Forever In My Heart, I will work with you to guide and support you in understanding and accepting your loss and/or support you in the lead up to a loss. I can relate to you as I lost my Boxer Buckley to a 20 month terminal illness in November 2016. I have experienced what you maybe currently feeling. Together we will work “As a Team” to help you move towards acceptance and to embark on having a “Wonderful Relationship with the Memories”.

Please Contact Me for a “No Obligation” chat via Email, Phone or my Facebook Page for more information. I offer Face to Face and Online Sessions.

No Referral Required.

Rainbow Paws Memorials

Faithful friends deserve the best. RainbowPaws allows you to create a lasting memorial by transforming ashes from a pet cremation into new life through infusion into a living plant. Keep memories alive with a life that creates new life.

Karen Jaques

When I lost my 18 year old cattle dog, Lucy, even as a Grief Counsellor myself, I needed someone to help me make sense of what I was thinking and feeling. This started me on a journey to help others with their pet loss which is largely misunderstood how intense that grief can be. I am now one of only a few Counsellors in Australia that is certified in Pet Loss and Bereavement through the not for profit APLB (Assoc. of Pet Loss and Bereavement). I have my own practice specialising in Grief and Loss  and am also a Host in the ALPB chat room, carrying on the legacy of the founder ,the late Dr.Wallace Sife Ph.D who published “The Loss of a Pet”. His book & Association has helped many people who have experienced the intense emotional roller coaster ride after loss a beloved companion animal.

Having suffered a great deal of personal loss in my life has put me on a path to help others through one of the most challenging times in life. My belief is that when you gain an understanding of what you are experiencing you can then move forward to find peace, acceptance and healing….

I am here to help you on that journey…..

David Foote


David graduated in 1980 from the University of Queensland and spent 20 years in private veterinary practice in Australia and the United Kingdom before deciding to pursue a career in counselling and personal development. He worked initially in mixed practice then mostly in small animal practice. His special interests during his time in practice were emergency medicine, orthopaedics and dermatology.


From 1999 until 2001 David trained and worked in general and crisis counselling with Lifeline and also completed bereavement counselling training at the Bereavement Care Centre in Sydney. During his time in practice David noted the extreme difficulty and lack of support many clients experienced when trying to cope with the death of their pet. He also became aware of the difficulties many veterinarians, from new graduates to seasoned practitioners, experienced when trying to cope with the complex demands and stresses of practice life.

Vicky Nonas

My decision to enter the world of grief counselling/pet loss support was a personal one following the death of my dog, Boof. He came into my life when I was 15 and stayed with me until I was 38-years old. He lived and grew up with me by my side……he was my rock, my companion, my protector. I couldn’t have anticipated how much his loss would affect me. My world fell apart.

Our pets faithfully accompany us, providing loving comfort and unconditional support, so whether the loss is sudden or not our world shifts and we can find ourselves feeling completely lost. Grief for a pet can be just as deep as a loss of any family member.

Having lost my only siblings, two brothers and a dear friend to lung cancer to name a few losses in my life, I am now very blessed to support others in their grief.
I offer telephone or online sessions at a time convenient to you.

Penny Carroll

Penny Carroll has worked as an educator and counsellor for more than 20 years.
Pets have always been a part of Penny’s life. Her work as a grief counsellor had lead her into the area of companion pet loss counselling.

Currently working as a lecturer and counsellor, Penny Caroll has broad experience with both adults and children. In previous positions as teacher, in pastoral care and as school counsellor, much of her work has been in the area of loss and grief.

“I understand the many dimensions of pet loss, through both professional and personal experience. As an animal lover, animals have always been part of my life growing up and with my own children and grandchildren. I have a deep respect for all life, human and animal and for the human-animal bond that exists for many people.

I am a member of the Australian Guidance & Counselling Association, the Australian Counselling Association and the Association for Pet Loss and Bereavement.

I am available for counselling at a number of venues in Perth and may be available for home visits when time permits.

I have developed a workbook to assist people in an ongoing way to understand grief, to look at and acknowledge their loss and also find ways to remember their beloved companion.”