Linda Michie

Hello there. I’m Linda, pleased to meet you. I have always had a great love of all
creatures great and small and a genuine desire to help others as far back as I can

I have had animals (cats, dogs, birds, fish and even a lizard or two to name a few) all my
life. Sadly, in 2017, I said goodbye to one of those very special pets we meet along the
way, my beautiful black Burmese rescue cat, Merlot, he was with me for 18 years. I was
heartbroken, finding the absence of his presence one of the hardest things.

My journey through loss drives me to walk beside others as you find your way through
your journey. My approach is gentle in nature and very much focused on you. I offer
flexible counselling options (you are welcome to browse my website to learn a little
more) including phone sessions, face to face at a mutually agreed location or home
visits and am generally available Monday to Saturday by appointment. Phone sessions
may also be available Sundays and public holidays on request.

Our relationship with our pets is unique, they are such a constant in our life and the
loss of that relationship is immeasurable. We face many challenges as we watch our
pets age, as we support them through illness, as we prepare to say goodbye and as we
find our way after they are gone. Wherever you are in your journey, please reach out,
I’m here.

My thoughts are with you. Linda.

Madonna Hooper


Since working in this area I have discovered, and can also relate as a pet owner myself, that we find it difficult to give ourselves permission to be upset about losing our pet friend.  We can feel tremendously “silly” and “guilty” for mourning our beautiful pet friends.  This can prevent us from reaching out when we most need to.  I believe friends, confidantes, soul mates and best friends come in all shapes, sizes and forms, including the form of a pet.  It makes perfect sense you will be heartbroken when your best friend is no longer with you.

PHRASES THAT MAKE YOU ROLL YOUR EYES:  “It was just a dog.  You can get another one.”  “I didn’t think you’d still be so upset about your missing cat.”  “You can get another bird, you know.”  “Are you still upset about your horse dying?”  “Don’t be so selfish.  People are losing loved ones and you are crying over a pet.”  I could go on, but  I won’t.  You get the point.  And if you’re reading this you may have experienced this sort of sage advice from people when your pet has been sick, gone missing, died, or left your life for some other reason.  Such “advice” is not helpful.  In fact, it’s hurtful.  I’m a pet owner and I have experienced this myself.

I use a client-centred approach in my counselling, meaning I will relate to you as the unique individual that you are.  I will help you to feel validated and understood.  I will offer you hope, whilst also reminding you grief cannot be rushed and is a different process for everyone.  I will help you to determine what that process may be for you.


Please reach out if you need support.  I am here to support, accept and guide you.  You will speak directly to me, or hear a message with my voice.  I like clients to know they will deal directly with me, especially at a vulnerable time like this.


Susan Wall

Having worked in the Pet Boarding Industry for over 22 years I have been exposed to many people who have shared their stories of loss of a much-loved pet over that journey. Some to accidental passing, illness, old age or have “gone missing”. The pain and grief of that loss can be hard to cope and recover from. I will support and work with you to understand those feelings and help you come to terms with that loss. I also have been a pet owner for all my life and understand the sadness and shock when you lose your much-loved pet and companion. I too have lost my best fur friend not so long ago after an 18 year journey together, the pain was heart wrenching.

Animal companion loss and grief is recognized professionally as a serious emotional condition that is often as difficult to cope with as the loss of any family member or friend and should not be left untreated.

The healing journey can begin with talking about the loss, acknowledging the passing of your pet. In saying this, the length of time it takes to accept that loss will vary from person to person. You can’t begin to cope with your emotions until you let them out.

It could be that you maybe are struggling to make the difficult choice of letting go a much-loved pet companion to avoid further suffering due to illness or old age. I can offer support in making the decision if it is the right time to euthanize and work with you on the pain, strain and guilt associated with that decision.

Please feel at ease to contact me for a consultation either by telephone or to arrange a face to face meeting.

Cynthia Haworth

I understand your Pet has been you best friend and part of the family, I am here to help with understanding and compassion.

Having owned many animals over the years, I understand how a companion animal can be very important, we consider them as family, and a special bond is broken when our beloved pet dies.
I owned a Labrador called Crystal who died of Cancer. I nursed Crystal to her final days. When she went over the rainbow to Doggy heaven. The hardest part was making the decision to have her put down and rest out of pain it was the hardest decision I have ever made. This is when I realized how she was like losing a daughter or son is was so painful. I truly understand the grief, heartache and the guilt that accompanies a huge loss.

Specializing in pet grief counselling to help other people just like you. TOGETHER WE WORKED TOGETHER. I have now rescued a Greyhound called Sirius, I understand we are all different and grief takes time, and Sirius was not to be a replacement. He has a very different personality to Crystal, but he has been a treasure, and good has come out of losing Crystal a Greyhound is rescued. There is a solution for you as you may not want to own another pet again we work together. I will provide you with support and guidance to make losing your beloved pet a little less painful.

You can give me a phone call on or SMS 0409005766 and together we will make an appointment that suits you. I have a beautiful appointed room at my house and also an outdoor area if you prefer to sit in my peaceful garden. I am available Tuesday 11am – 6pm and Wednesdays 11am – 6pm Saturdays 1pm to 4 pm.

David Foote


David graduated in 1980 from the University of Queensland and spent 20 years in private veterinary practice in Australia and the United Kingdom before deciding to pursue a career in counselling and personal development. He worked initially in mixed practice then mostly in small animal practice. His special interests during his time in practice were emergency medicine, orthopaedics and dermatology.


From 1999 until 2001 David trained and worked in general and crisis counselling with Lifeline and also completed bereavement counselling training at the Bereavement Care Centre in Sydney. During his time in practice David noted the extreme difficulty and lack of support many clients experienced when trying to cope with the death of their pet. He also became aware of the difficulties many veterinarians, from new graduates to seasoned practitioners, experienced when trying to cope with the complex demands and stresses of practice life.