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potrait photo of Linda Michie

Linda Michie

Location: ,

Hello there. I’m Linda, pleased to meet you. I have always had a great love of all creatures great and small and a genuine desire to help others as far […]

Clara Galdon

Location: ,

I was raised on a farm, surrounded with companion animals of every kind. Moving countries, my family had to say goodbye to our animal companions which was a very heartbreaking […]

Mel Rundle

Mel Rundle

Location: ,

As an insightful counsellor I am in touch with the needs of my clients and can follow them throughout their journey. I am able to help people overcome many issues […]

Rebecca Lowe

Location: ,

Relationships are the key to life. For many of us animals make up a huge part of the relationships we have throughout our lifetime. I have lived with and loved […]

Nicky scott pet loss counsellor

Nicky Scott

Location: ,

When most people think of pets, cats and dogs are often the first animals that spring to mind.  Pets though come in many forms from lizards, cows and even in […]

Lesley Loughnan

Location: ,

“Until one has loved an animal a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.” Anatole France. Hi. I’m Lesley and I have been a grief counsellor for over 20 years working […]

Madonna Hooper

Location: ,

I TAKE PET LOSS SERIOUSLY AND I WILL TAKE YOU SERIOUSLY Since working in this area I have discovered, and can also relate as a pet owner myself, that we […]

Dr Vanessa Rohlf

Location: ,

Companion animals play an important role in our lives. They provide us with unconditional love, support and share our ups and downs. We consider them our family; our children, siblings, […]

Alternatively you can call our 24 / 7 Pet Loss Support Line to be connected directly to an available counsellor, or receive a call-back as soon as possible.

AU: 1300 431 450

NZ: 0800 114 421

PLEASE NOTE: This is a toll free number, but once connected with professional, the counselling rates will vary according to the service provider.