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Gaelynn Beswick

Location: ,

Each of our lives is a tapestry made up of many threads. Multi-coloured, they are the stories we weave and that weave us. These are some of my threads. They […]

Michael Meehan

Location: ,

Veterinarian Michael graduated from the University of Queensland in 1991 and spent 10 years in companion animal veterinary practices in Australia and then in United Kingdom before returning to the […]

Susan Wall

Location: ,

Having worked in the Pet Boarding Industry for over 22 years I have been exposed to many people who have shared their stories of loss of a much-loved pet over […]

Sajee Wijesena

Location: ,

Our pets become our best friends and companions and whether we are prepared or not for their loss it is always heart breaking ! It is like losing any member […]

Cynthia Haworth

Location: ,

I understand your Pet has been you best friend and part of the family, I am here to help with understanding and compassion. Having owned many animals over the years, […]

Dinah Stern-Spiteri

Location: ,

From the time I became a counsellor, in 2002, I encountered many individuals with underlying issues in grief and loss – something, which if not attended to, can cause physical […]

Renee Margi

Renee Magri

Location: ,

Losing a pet can be a difficult thing to go through as often our animals are our very best friends. Here at Forever In My Heart, I will work with […]

Karen Jaques

Location: ,

When I lost my 18 year old cattle dog, Lucy, even as a Grief Counselor myself, I needed someone to help me make sense of what I was thinking and […]

Alternatively you can call our 24 / 7 Pet Loss Support Line to be connected directly to an available counsellor, or receive a call-back as soon as possible.

AU: 1300 431 450

NZ: 0800 114 421

PLEASE NOTE: This is a toll free number, but once connected with professional, the counselling rates will vary according to the service provider.