Frequently Asked Questions About Pet Loss

Am I going mad?
If you have regarded you pet as a friend, family member, beloved companion, then it is not unusual to be very distressed at the death or impending death of a pet.

Who can I talk to when he/she dies?
Talk to someone who understands the bond you had and who also loves animals.

When is the right time to euthanize a pet?
Your vet will be the best guide when it comes to your pet’s physical condition. You will know the time, also when he or she no longer eats or responds or seeks you attention or is in obvious pain.

What do I tell my children?
Children need to be told clearly and simply that the pet has died– that all things are born, live a life and die. Young children can become anxious about going to sleep if you say that the pet was “put to sleep”.

Will my other pets missed the one who has died?
Animals grieve too. Keep routines regular and be patient and attentive to their need for attention and comfort.

When should I get another pet?
It can be best to wait until your emotions have settled, however, some people just want and need another animal to love. Be guided by your needs and the readiness of family members.

Is it OK to feel differently about a new pet?
Each animal is different. It is best to try not to compare but allow yourself to discover the unique personality of the new one. Animals have a way of “getting into our heart” if we are patient and give them positive attention.