Celebrating the life of your pet

Oftentimes, no matter how our pet passed, we forget how he/she lived. The fun times, unconditional love for you, or family, and their way of being that only you, as an owner know.

I am the daughter of a vet, and have witnessed this Crossing of the Rainbow Bridge, many times. Heart breaking as it is, there are some things that may help, if you are a newly bereaved pet owner. Celebrate your pets life.

When my beloved cat passed, I gathered up all of the photos I took on his birthdays, all 18 of them. And gave them a special place of honour on a wall at home.
In tribute to him, I’ve fostered cats and dogs, given love, care and affection to dogs, cats. Found homes for them.
Rescued  injured Australian wildlife, and after healing, were released back into the wild.
 At 79 years, a retired nurse, I’ve found a way to continue to honour my beloved cat.
Leah Richter

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