Absent Companion and Adversity Wellbeing Services


Cost: Free of Charge

Location: Adelaide, South Australia

Phone: (08) 8121 5775

Email: info@acaws.info

Absent Companion and Adversity Wellbeing Services (ACAWS) is a no-charge phone counselling line for grieving or distressed individuals, attended to by qualified counsellors registered with the Australian Counselling Association with additional grief training. We offer  appointment-based support for families facing grief or injury of themselves or family members – human or animal.

The aim of our care is to provide:

   understanding without descrimination or judgement.
   a place for the person to identify and express their feelings
   reassurance and guidance through their experience of grief
   assistance in problem-solving and decision-making in future decisions
   building strength and resilience
   extra support or referrals where necessary.


Hi, I’m Lori the founder of ACAWS .

ACAWS is the method in which colleagues and myself outreach our message of understanding and supporting the needs, beliefs, and lives of our communities. We are recognised by professional associations and animal caregivers ourselves, meaning we know too well how much our loved ones can be the basis of the happiness in life.

Pet grief therapists are not very common in Australia and I felt it was an area I was most interested in, having a history in donating to rescue homes, being aware and actively researching what animals mean to humanity, and having a few fur children of my own.


Appointments can be made 9.30am – 9.30pm Saturday – Thursday.  Sessions are free of charge, although you carrier’s local call charges apply within South Australia and mobile and long-distance charges will be based on your landline plans.

A counsellor will call you back to offer completely free service, including interstate and rural callers. Alternatively, Skype to Skype calls can be arranged also.

International clients: We can arrange Skype-to-Skype counselling for most clients, meaning free calling. Please email us for more information.



Qualified counsellors are registered with the Australian Counselling Association with additional grief training.