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Nicky Scott

    I have a Bachelor of Arts degree majoring in Psychology for Massey University. I am in the final stages of completing my Post Graduate Diploma in Psychology (the first half of the Masters degree). I intend to become a registered Psychologist to help other achieve fulfilling, satisfying lives. My work experience involves volunteer work engaging in mental health wellness assessments at a primary health care clinic within Wanganui.

    When most people think of pets, cats and dogs are often the first animals that spring to mind.  Pets though come in many forms from lizards, cows and even in some cases spiders.  Pets create empathy, love, and the opportunity to have a non- judgemental companion, in many ways, pets complete our lives.  Growing up I always had animals and I was particularly fond of my pet rabbit – Rabby.  I trained Rabby to come to me when he was called, he would ride on the back of my bicycle in a bucket that he was not strapped in to.  Rabbies proudest moment by far was when he won the Supreme Champion award at the local A&P show for two years running.  Yes, a rabbit in a pram dressed like a baby beat all of the fancy cows and lambs that Wanganui had to offer.  I was only twelve when Rabby died and it was my first but not my last encounter with losing a loving, loyal, fun, cuddly mate.

    As time went by, I had several strong relationships with beautiful pets.  I know and understand the pain losing such a friend can bring which lead me to wonder, if this can bring so much sadness then why do we own them.  The answer to that question is actually very simple and well explained in the following quote:

    Every time I lose a pet, they take a piece of my heart

    With them and every new cat that comes into my life

    Gifts me with a piece of their heart.  If I live long enough

    Then all the components of my heart will be cat and I

    Will become as generous and loving as they are.


    Though this beautiful quote pertains to cats, I feel it can easily be applied to any of our loved furry friends.


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