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Madonna Hooper

    BA (Behavioural Science), Grad. Dip. Arts (Sociology), Mediation Certificate, Trauma Certification (Blue Knot Foundation), Pet Bereavement Counselling Certificate ABN 20355870391 Fee: $90-$110/50 minutes


    Since working in this area I have discovered, and can also relate as a pet owner myself, that we find it difficult to give ourselves permission to be upset about losing our pet friend.  We can feel tremendously “silly” and “guilty” for mourning our beautiful pet friends.  This can prevent us from reaching out when we most need to.  I believe friends, confidantes, soul mates and best friends come in all shapes, sizes and forms, including the form of a pet.  It makes perfect sense you will be heartbroken when your best friend is no longer with you.

    PHRASES THAT MAKE YOU ROLL YOUR EYES:  “It was just a dog.  You can get another one.”  “I didn’t think you’d still be so upset about your missing cat.”  “You can get another bird, you know.”  “Are you still upset about your horse dying?”  “Don’t be so selfish.  People are losing loved ones and you are crying over a pet.”  I could go on, but  I won’t.  You get the point.  And if you’re reading this you may have experienced this sort of sage advice from people when your pet has been sick, gone missing, died, or left your life for some other reason.  Such “advice” is not helpful.  In fact, it’s hurtful.  I’m a pet owner and I have experienced this myself.

    I use a client-centred approach in my counselling, meaning I will relate to you as the unique individual that you are.  I will help you to feel validated and understood.  I will offer you hope, whilst also reminding you grief cannot be rushed and is a different process for everyone.  I will help you to determine what that process may be for you.


    Please reach out if you need support.  I am here to support, accept and guide you.  You will speak directly to me, or hear a message with my voice.  I like clients to know they will deal directly with me, especially at a vulnerable time like this.


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