Karen Bishop Pet loss counsellor

Karen Bishop

Diploma of Counselling; Advanced Study Majors in Grief and Loss, Mindfulness-based Therapies, and Expressive Therapies (intro); Pet Loss Grief Counselling Professional; Animal Companion Celebrant™; Animal Companion Doula; Nature Therapy; Walk and Talk. Member of ACA.

Hi, I’m Karen. As an animal lover, I understand the bond a human has with their pets. All I wanted to be when I was young was a vet. My life has been filled with pets, ranging from those we consider everyday companion animals such as cats and dogs, birds, guppies and goldfish, to farmyard friends such as chickens, ducks, geese and turkeys. I have witnessed the miracles of nature and watched in awe as pets have given birth, and have seen baby chickens, ducks, geese and turkeys hatch and watched the parents raise their young. Of course, it also meant dealing with their death. Many times, I have had to make the difficult decision regarding euthanasia, and one occasion in particular, witnessed the traumatic death of a beloved family dog.

At high school, I completed work experience in a vet surgery and unfortunately the stars didn’t align and the dream of becoming a vet wasn’t to happen. I left high school to start working and eventually several years later, single motherhood ensued. During this time, amongst other jobs, I spent several years working in boarding kennels, making sure everyone’s pets were looked after as well as possible whilst they were staying there.

After more changes and long and successful careers first in retail, then employment services and recruitment, I now have the opportunity to work with animals and their humans again. This time, it is providing end-of-life support.

In addition to counselling, I am also a trained Animal Companion Doula and Animal Companion Celebrant ™, meaning I can provide support throughout the euthanasia journey, and services such as a funeral or celebration of life for your pet.

Counselling sessions are provided in a safe and supportive environment through either nature based Walk and Talk (no office involved) or via Telehealth in the comfort of your own surroundings. Utilising nature and its healing effects, walk and talk sessions do not have to be walking, but can be sitting in a safe, cool and comfortable, private outdoor space.

Based in Cairns, walk and talk sessions, doula, and celebrant services are available from Port Douglas through to the Cassowary Coast and Atherton Tablelands. Online sessions are available Australia wide. A range of appointment times are available to suit most schedules, with out of office hours appointments available upon request.

By providing the services I do, my hope is to provide support for others whilst they are going through the pain that I have felt so many times myself. If what I do can give someone even a small amount of comfort and knowledge that they are not alone in what they are going through, it makes my job so worth it.

No referral is required and if you are looking for someone to support you through the decision making process related to your pet, or end-of-life support, I am here to help. Please visit my website, Facebook page, or give me a call.

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