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Fiona Koenig

Graduate Diploma of Counselling, Bachelor of Psychological Science PACFA membership number: 26659

I began my professional career in a very different industry, working with animals in a Veterinary Clinic. I found that when an emergency occurred or during the end of life process I was drawn to providing support to the families. I realized that this is where my interests lie; providing a space for families to grieve the loss of their beloved Pet.
The unexpected loss of my 3 year old cat, Artemis reaffirmed my belief of how important it is to recognize how deeply we grieve the loss of our pets. In our session I will show your grief the honor and respect that it deserves by creating a safe place for you to talk. Together we will work towards finding meaning from our losses and begin to step forward in life without our pet, though always remembering the mark they have left on our lives.

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Hours: 8am - 6pm, Monday - Saturday Telephone or Zoom sessions

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Newcastle, New south wales

Pet Loss Counsellors

Why invest in professional counselling?

Not all counsellors specialise in grief and even less deal with the grief associated with Pet Loss. That's why we created this directory to help connect pet owners with qualified and experienced pet loss counsellors.

How much does it cost?

Fees and charges will vary by service provider, please contact your preferred counsellor to discuss your options.


Are there free services?

Yes, please visit the Grief & Bereavement Support Services page.

Here you will find our recommended partners, friends and organisations who offer a mixture of free and donation based support.

You may also like to visit the Pets and People facebook page or browse our free library of resources and articles on pet loss & grief.