How can Art Therapy assist with the loss of a beloved animal companion?
Whether you own a beloved fur baby, feathered friend, reptile or an exotic animal, when an
animal companion dies no-one can fully understand the emptiness and deep sadness it creates.
Our dear animal companions watch everything we do and become as one with us. Their
unconditional love gets us through the good times and challenging times. It is natural to
experience grief and important to give yourself permission to grieve.
I understand how the loss of a treasured animal companion can bring so much sadness.

What is Art therapy?
Art therapy explores Creative ways to help move through life transitions and grief. It utilises the
methods of visual art, music, collage, and 3-D creations to give voice and expression to feelings
and experiences that are hard to put into words.

Who is Art Therapy for?
Absolutely everyone! All ages can benefit from Art Therapy. You do not need to have any
artistic skills. Art is always an invitation to self-express fond memories creatively in a safe and
therapeutic environment.

As an Arts Psychotherapist I have witnessed the power Art possesses.
My Studio is in the Berwick Vic region and Honey is optional in my practice.

“Our treasured companions continue to live through us. Let’s take that first step together
to honour their lives.”

Tina Corcoran
B.A. Arts Psychotherapy
Mobile 0415 426 417

My Story:

My husband I tried for a family for many years with no success. My body
and mind were becoming deeply affected from being controlled under the
clinical schedules. I started a support group for couples that were
moving on from IVF and one of the strategies shared was to fill the
emptiness with the companionship of a pet.

My first fur baby was a Malteze Shih-Tzu named Penny.

She gave so much love and was in-tuned to our lifestyle. When she passed away a part of
me died too. No one truly understood the emptiness felt from the loss of a
treasured companion. I remember just standing there looking at her
helpless little body at the clinic and given no referral from a
counselor who may have helped me grieve the loss. It took me four years
before I could take that leap to purchase another furry companion and in
2016 my husband and I purchased a Cavoodle named “Honey”. Our little fur
baby gives us so much love as well as to the greater community as she is
a pet therapy dog.


It occurred to me that a service like this would be a source of
assistance to all that experienced the loss of a
companion pets at home or at Veterinary Clinics.

Pets continue to live through us. I can help someone take the first
steps in feeling valued and heard to honour their lives. My Studio is in the Berwick region registered as
“Embracing Change Therapies”. Honey is optional in my practice.