A Reader’s Review:   “You can’t read this story without a tissue. This is a touching story about a boy Riley who wants to make his retriever Jasper’s last day very special. Together the family celebrates what a great companion Jasper has been by visiting many of the places that have been special to him. I would read this story along with my child. Although sad, it is a sweet story of a family’s love and respect for a dog they certainly viewed as a member of the family.”

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Book Review: Kate, The Ghost Dog: Coping With The Death Of A Pet – by Wayne Wilson

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Aleta is a bright, free-spirited, young girl who lives with her parents and younger brother. She has two great friends she loves spending her time with, and even has aspirations on becoming a veterinarian someday. On a most terrible day, Aleta returns home to discover that the family dog, Kate, has died. Although Aleta does understand that animals can’t possibly live forever, she is completely devastated over the loss of the dog, and doesn’t want to accept the truth at first. As the days pass, Aleta goes through her own grief process that includes isolation so she doesn’t have to talk about it, to anger and even pretending that Kate’s ghost has returned to the family. Her pain also spills into school as she breaks down and cries in class, and Aleta doesn’t want to participate in a memorial for Kate, nor does she want to play with her two best friends. Thankfully, with the help of her family, uncle, and close friends, Aleta is able to overcome her grief and turn her raw feelings into positive memories of Kate.

Author Wayne Wilson, coupled with illustrator Soud, present an admirable story on grief and pet loss for children that not only perfectly identifies many of the emotions children can experience during such an event, but also points out the equally valuable ways in which the healing process can, and does, occur. This story is eloquently written, flows well, and keeps the reader’s attention throughout, while the illustrations are gently sprinkled amongst key points in the story, rather than having them included on every page, which is often seen in more simple picture books. The book stresses the importance of building on family support, and creating positive memories of times spent with a beloved pet, which can be equally transformed into human loss too. Kate, the Ghost Dog also includes a summarization of helpful tips on how to cope with pet loss that can be a useful tool for not only children, but also adults.

Quill says: Kate, the Ghost Dog is a positive book that respectfully discusses the grief process for children, and is a beneficial tool for both parents and schools alike.

For more information on Kate, the Ghost Dog, please visit the author’s website WayneLWilson.net

Do all dogs and cats really go to heaven? Yes, they do! 

The death of your beloved pet can be one of the most heartbreaking losses you’ll ever endure. But recovery isn’t only about closure. You also want to know where your best friend has gone.

After the intense, unexpected grief he experienced following the loss of his own companions, animal lover and biblical scholar Gary Kurz set out to prove that there are indeed pets in Paradise. After devoting countless hours of research, he now shares his inspiring insights to bring you a richer understanding of animals and their souls. You’ll finally find answers to common questions about animals and the afterlife–and you’ll also get a 30-day devotional to help you work through your grief.

If you’ve ever loved and lost a pet, or if you know someone who has shared a special bond with a furry face and a cold, wet nose, you’ll welcome this amazing book’s reassurance that love and loyalty are truly eternal, and that someday, you and your pets will be together again.

Gary Kurz is a retired Coast Guard officer who served his country faithfully and honorably for over 30 years. He and his wife have a love for animals and a concern for others who share their love. He lives in Manhattan, Kansas, near Kansas City.

Book Reviews

Cold Noses at the Pearly Gates is an incredibly well researched book offering true and lasting peace for individuals coping with pet loss. The author’s concern for his readers is made evident throughout the book. He wants you to know you are not alone and that the Word of God offers you hope in your grief and salvation through Jesus Christ. I would recommend it to all animal lovers. — Terry Wilson, Faith Writer’s Book Reviewer, February 2007

I read this fabulous book. It is brilliantly written, sensitive, heartwarming and uplifting. It will bring you hope and comfort. — Susan Peterson, Hollywood Producer

Thank you for your book and for the gracious inscription. — White House, First Lady Laura Bush letter of April 9, 2004

New Revised and Expanded Edition

Sadly, all living things die. While you can never be completely prepared for that time, what is offered by Dr. Wallace Sife in these pages can help you draw upon new strength to ease your grief and pain.

In this fully revised and expanded edition of the award-winning book The Loss of a Pet, Dr. Sife, one of the pioneering authors and counselors in the field of pet bereavement, covers all viewpoints of bereavement for a beloved animal companion. This book includes practical suggestions, as well as brief case histories, and illustrates the insights that Dr. Sife has gleaned from his many years of experience.

In addition to helping the reader cope with the death of a much-loved pet, The Loss of a Pet addresses pet losses that are not death-related. Dr. Sife has specially designed this book to help you learn more about yourself through the grieving process and to successfully cope with this unique kind of loving and grief?and, most importantly, to help you realize that you are not alone.

This review is from: The Loss of a Pet : New Revised and Expanded Edition (Paperback)

Three weeks ago, we lost our 8-year old Boxer, Taylor, to Lymphosarcoma. We took her to the very best Oncologists(several of them), spent thousands of dollars in trying to keep her with us for as long as possible, but in the end we knew it was time for us to let go.

Not having children, the pain of losing such a loving animal was beyond my expectation of grief. When I researched the list of books on pet loss, I was looking for facts on how to deal with this agony and pain. Dr. Sife’s introduction and chapters on this subject matter was a validation that what me and my husband were feeling and going through were normal.

Dr. Sife’s case histories throughout the book were very helpful in applying what other people have experienced and what we were going through.

For anyone who has recently lost a pet and is looking for some insight on the feelings they are experiencing, I highly recommend this book. He is very factual. If you are looking for a spiritual or religious aspect, this is not the book. Although Dr. Sife does touch on this subject in a chapter, the basis for the book is the psychological aspects of losing a member of your family.