Pets and People was founded to help connect pet owners with qualified and experienced pet loss counsellors who are ready and willing to support people in this difficult time.

Share the loss of your pet with a therapist who will under­stand and sup­port you...

Sajee Wijesena

Our pets become our best friends and companions and whether we are prepared or not for their loss it is always heart breaking ! It is like losing any member of the family. I have lost two beautiful German Shepherds ( one only in February this year) in an untimely and tragic manner so I […]

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Tracey Woods

Hi, My Name is Tracey and I have been a Vet Nurse for over 20 years. I have been challenged with losing my own pets and  the fur children of many valued clients over the years. I hope to provide you with support and guidance to make the sorrow of losing your beloved pet a […]

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Vicky Nonas

I provide grief counselling and pet loss support for children through to adults from my business By My Side in Luddenham NSW. My decision to enter the world of grief counselling/pet loss support was a personal one following the death of my dog, Boof.  He came into my life when I was 15 and stayed […]

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Voula Augerinos

I am a counsellor with training in loss and grief guidance. Animal companion loss and grief counselling is a major focus of my practice. I receive referrals directly from clients and from veterinary and other health professionals. I work with clients face to face, via telephone, and online. I am passionate about raising awareness of […]

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