Janelle Jones

Location: Brisbane

Qualifications / Affiliations:

BA, Grad Dip Ed,, M. Ed (Lead & Man), M, Ed, (Guide & Counsel), Grad Dip Psych Stud.


Growing up in one of Brisbane’s outer suburbs, my house was constantly inhabited by a menagerie of pets. Cats, dogs, birds, mice, guinea pigs, chickens, ducks and even snakes at one time or another called our house home.

Whenever we had to say goodbye I remember how devastated I felt and the void that our pet’s leaving left in our lives. My work as a teacher, personal and family counsellor and school guidance counsellor has also brought me into touch with others who have shared these same experiences.

These people often tell me that having someone to share their grief, loss and sorrow with, to have someone to walk the journey of recovery with, has helped them to experience healing and hope.

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Phone: 0431 861 717

Email: counsellingconnexion@gmail.com