Diane Sparkes

Location: Newcastle Area and surrounds including Maitland and Lake Macquarie area. NSW

Qualifications / Affiliations:

Diploma of Counselling
Bachelor of Science
Graduate Diploma of Education
Graduate Diploma of Psychology
PhD (Biology)
Level 1 Member of the Australian Counselling Association


“Why should you come to me for assistance? Well I’m a qualified and registered counsellor, but
apart from having all the right bits of paper and training, I bring something else to my counselling. I
personally know how painful it can be when we lose a pet. That means I can provide you with a safe
place to talk about your loss. Because you can know that I “get it”, that I know how hard losing them
can be. But unlike just talking to a sympathetic friend, as a counsellor, I can help you to understand
your grief, to understand what you’re going through. I can also help you find ways to move forward
with your life that still lets you carry all that love and all those beautiful memories with you. How
does that sound?
It’s important you find someone, a counsellor, you feel comfortable talking with. If you think you’d
feel comfortable talking with me then we can set up a time for a counselling session……….”

Contact Diane Sparkes

Phone: 0490 067 014

Email: diane@sadtails.com

- Website Link

Notes: Hours available to take a phone call: 9am to 10pm, 7 days.

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