Cynthia Haworth

Location: IPSWICH areas Redbank Plains, Springfield areas, Queensland

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Your Pet is your family and best friend and we are here to help, with understanding and compassion.


Having owned many animals over the years, I understand how a companion animal can be very important, we consider them as family, and a special bond is broken when our beloved pet dies.


I owned a Labrador called Crystal who died of Cancer. I nursed Crystal to her final days. When she went over the rainbow to Doggy heaven. The hardest part was making the decision  to have her put down and rest out of pain it was the hardest decision I have ever made.  This is when I realized how she was like losing a daughter or son is was so painful. I truly understand the grief, heartache and the guilt that accompanies a huge loss.


Specializing in pet grief counselling to help other people just like you.  TOGETHER WE WORKED TOGETHER. I have now rescued a Greyhound called Sirius, I understand we are all different and grief takes time, and Sirius was not to be a replacement. He has a very different personality to Crystal, but he has been a treasure, and good has come out of losing Crystal a Greyhound is rescued.    There is a solution for you as you may not want to own another pet again we work together. I will provide you with support and guidance to make losing your beloved pet a little less painful.


You can give me a phone call on or SMS   0409005766 and together we will make an appointment that suits you. I have a beautiful appointed room at my house and also an outdoor area if you prefer to sit in my peaceful garden.  I am available Tuesday 11am – 6pm and Wednesdays 11am – 6pm Saturdays 1pm to 4 pm.


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Phone: 0409 005 766


Notes: Available Tuesday 11am to 6 pm Wednesday 11am to 6pm Saturdays 1pm to 4pm

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