Anastasia Goussios

Location: Adelaide, South Australia

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By profession I am a registered psychologist.  For over three decades I have listened to countless stories regarding all manner of grief and loss pertaining to the human journey.  I have supported many people through harrowing times to a place of healing and peace. My experience and understanding regarding the powerful bond between humans and their animal companions is deep. I am passionate about workplace well-being for animal workers because this has a direct impact on their patients. With over a decade of corporate knowledge I can support in the creation of flourishing teams.

Since I was a little girl I was drawn to the world of nature and the wonderful creatures that inhabit this world.  I have grown up loving and saying farewell to beautiful cats, dogs, birds and chickens. Daily I am visited by cheeky magpies that fly into my home and magnificent glossy ravens who call to me for their breakfast.  My belief is that we are all interconnected and that animals are profoundly emotional beings.  They are our equals, teachers and companions. As such they deserve of our love, respect and kindness. And, they most definitely deserve to be openly mourned and recognised for the significant place they held in our hearts and lives.

Please allow me to support you in finding your way through the myriad of emotions and conflicting thoughts that accompany the loss of your wonderful animal companion.

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