Mourning the Loss of a Special Relationship


An impor­tant aspect of griev­ing is to share the loss of your pet with peo­ple who will under­stand and sup­port you.

<h2>Loving animals is an important part of being human</h2>
<h4>Los­ing an ani­mal friend can feel as dev­as­tat­ing as los­ing a human loved one... </h4>

While death is prob­a­bly the most com­monly expe­ri­enced loss of a pet, other ways of los­ing a beloved pet, like their dis­ap­pear­ance, or hav­ing to part with a pet through fam­ily cir­cum­stances or relo­ca­tion can also be very dis­tress­ing.

Your rela­tion­ship with your pet was spe­cial and from them you expe­ri­enced much love and joy.

For many peo­ple their ani­mal friend has been the most sig­nif­i­cant “other” in their lives and with the animal’s pass­ing they expe­ri­ence a deep hurt and grief that often their human fam­ily and friends do not under­stand. Those who have never bonded closely with an ani­mal and expe­ri­enced their uncon­di­tional love can some­times dis­miss your pain and dis­tress.

But help is at hand.

Pets and People was founded by Dr Michael O’Donoghue and Penny Carroll to provide a supportive process to help people through the grief often experienced through the loss of a companion animal. Whatever your budget is, we have resources to help guide you through this difficult time, because we know you cannot put a price tag on the love you shared with your pet.

Get the support you need

Los­ing an ani­mal friend can feel as dev­as­tat­ing as los­ing a human loved one. It is not unusual to feel bereft and dis­tressed if you have recently expe­ri­enced the loss of your pet. This time can be a dev­as­tat­ing and mis­un­der­stood expe­ri­ence for many people, but not everybody has the ability to afford counselling services, which is why we have identified both paid and complimentary support services.

Counselling can help…

Loss & Grief Counselling

Coun­selling with a ther­a­pist who under­stands your feel­ings of grief and loss can help.

Counsellors can pro­vide a secure and com­pas­sion­ate envi­ron­ment in which some­one can have the oppor­tu­nity to share and work through their dis­tress – and express not just their pain but what this loss means to them.

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