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Understanding grief & loss

Reactions to grief can be manifested many different ways - some of which might be...

  • feelings - of anxiety, fear, sadness, anger, guilt
  • thoughts - such as confusion, preoccupation and disbelief
  • physical reactions - like sleep disturbances, empty sensation in stomach, breathlessness or tightness in the chest
  • behaviour - such as crying, sighing, hyperactivity, inability to concentrate, social withdrawal

These are only some of the ways that grief is experienced. Unfortunately, the grief associated with the loss of a pet is often the most misunderstood. Family and friends often mean well, but can sometimes dis­miss your pain and dis­tress...

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Pets and People was founded by Dr Micheal O’Donoghue and Penny Carroll to provide a supportive process to help people through the grief experienced with the loss of a companion animal.

Counselling can help...

Not all counsellors specialise in grief and even less deal with the grief associated with Pet Loss. But help is at hand.

Our aim at Pets and People is to help connect pet owners with qualified and experienced pet loss counsellors who are ready and willing to support people in this difficult time.

Find a Counsellor

Share the loss of your pet with a therapist who will understand and support you...

Contact our 24 / 7 pet loss support line on 1300 431 450

  • Loving animals is an important part of being human

    Los­ing an ani­mal friend can feel as dev­as­tat­ing as los­ing a human loved one...

  • It's okay to grieve...

    Your rela­tion­ship with your pet was spe­cial

  • Our relationships with our pets bring much love and joy to both the human and the animal.

  • If your pet was an important part of your life

    ...then it is normal to grieve when they die.

Recommended Pet Loss & Grief articles

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Euthanasia, when is the right time, your head says yes, or heart says no

Euthanasia: Your Head Says One Thing, But Your Heart Says Another By Dr. Carrie La Jeunesse | March 20, 2013 Twitter Print Email   Thinkstock Occasionally, the decision making that surrounds euthanizing a pet is pretty straightforward. In cases of massive trauma, severe illness or unrelenting pain that cannot be managed, the path seems clear. […]

Pet loss support group available

Pet Loss support group available TheSan Bernardino Valley Humane Society will host a one-hour Pet LossGrief class from 8 to 9 a.m. Nov. 14 at 374 W. Orange Show Road, SanBernardino. Admission is free. The Humane Society is also forming a free community support group. To sign-up or for more information, call Carin Orange at […]

How do you know when it is time for euthanasia?

  How to know when it is time to say goodbye? This decision is the hardest part of owning a pet, our pets and companions have put their trust in us, and we must decide when enough is enough. I believe there are several important questions to ask yourself: Is the pet still eating and […]

Cold noses at the pearly Gates

  Cold Noses at the Pearly Gates is an incredibly well researched book offering true and lasting peace for individuals coping with pet loss. The author’s concern for his readers is made evident throughout the book. He wants you to know you are not alone and that the Word of God offers you hope in […]

Helping a friend who has lost a pet

Making a tribute to your pet By NICK BARNETT Last updated 14:37 27/04/2010 Share Print Text Size 24 comments Most of us have lost at least one pet that we really loved. How do we handle it? And what about when it’s not us but a friend who’s the bereaved one – what do you […]

Emotional Value of Pets is Underestimated

  Having a pet can meet many human psychosocial needs and has been undervalued in the field of mental health, says the author of a comprehensive review of human-pet bonds published today in the journal Family Process. The research, by Dr. Froma Walsh of the Center for Family Health at the University of Chicago, finds […]

Do Dogs go to Heaven?

Do Dogs go to Heaven ?   Hysterical! These two churches face each other across  a  busy street Enjoy!!! RELIGION CAN  BE FUNNY.

Pet loss memorial service – Oklahoma

So long, old friend Service set in memory of lost pets Losing a pet is losing a loved one. And for many people, the grieving process can take just as long as losing a family member or friend. Offering a safe environment for people to mourn the pets that have brightened their lives is the […]

Pet cemetery offers final resting place for animals

Pet cemetery offers final resting place for beloved animals Hinsdale Animal Cemetery lets humans memorialize their furry (and scaly) companions   X Alsip Willowbrook Dog (animal) Naperville Hospitals and Clinics Pets Oak Brook Pets and Pet Supplies Frankfort By Gerry Smith Tribune reporter  October 26, 2009   About once a month, Carl and Ann Christoff […]

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Great story about the power of dogs to teach us to live in the moment
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“The biggest thing that she’s taught me is to live in the moment. Despite everything that she’s gone through she’s allowed me into her life.”
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More good evidence why pets are so important in our lives